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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here a Plunk, There a Plunk

Today was the Plunk reunion, and I’m still stuffed from the good food and humming the songs I heard. The group today was from Mike’s father’s family. There are many, many other Plunk relatives from other lines.

Mike’s father, Hercial, was one of five sons and two daughters. From that generation only two of the widows are still living. One of them, Miss Irma, was there today – sweet as she could be and sharp as a tack. In the next generation – including Mike and sis Judy – 10 of the 11 cousins were present, missing only the eldest of the group. Then there were a bunch of the cousins’ children and a number of their kids running around, including one li’l guy who’s just crawling. Best estimate is that there were around 40 who gathered at Jerry and Gwen’s in a beautiful setting with an abundance of big shade trees.

Some of the men had been smoking pork shoulders since 6 p.m. last night. Trust me, it melted in your mouth. All the families brought side dishes and desserts filling a couple of tables to overflowing with homemade delectables. I tried not to embarrass Mike, but I made a little pig of myself and even topped off my dinner with two pieces of the best chocolate pie I’ve ever tasted.

Then there was the music. I’ve told you before that all Plunks are musical. Cousin Ned played banjo and guitar. “Little” Jerry played mandolin, and Donny brought out a bagpipe toward the end of the afternoon. Three Plunk sisters from the cousin generation (Jeanette, Betty & Jody) sang and wove beautiful harmonies. Mike calls it blood harmony. He says you have to be “blood” and grow up singing together to be that tight. He’d told me before about the girl cousins, and I’d been looking forward to hearing them. Naturally, they all fussed at Mike for showing up without a single musical instrument, but they let him off because he had to go play tonight. His plan was to enjoy being an audience for the afternoon. They’ve made him swear, however, to bring an instrument next year – last Saturday in September.

Niece Lisa videotaped some of the music. She’s going to send it to me, and I’ll try to upload it here for your enjoyment. Sorry. I don’t think I can upload that chocolate pie.

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