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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Life as 'Lucy' Part Two

Egged on by Dennis’ comment below, I’ll share another episode of my life as “I Love Lucy.” This little ditty demonstrates Mike’s eternal sense of humor, but might call to question his wisdom in asking me to marry him for the second time.

When Michael and I were first married, we lived in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment right across the railroad tracks from Memphis State. It was extremely convenient for me to get to class and a little later was perfect when he started playing at an off-campus club just two blocks away. How small was the apartment? Well, from any location in it, you could have heard someone take a deep breath elsewhere in the apartment.

I need to interject that when we married I was surprised to learn that Mike owned a pistol. The thought so terrified me that I made him keep it in a drawer in the bathroom and, further, had him unload it and put the bullets in a separate drawer.

Well, the night finally arrived when I awoke absolutely convinced that some nefarious person was in the apartment. I held my breath and listened and remained convinced. I woke up Mike and quietly whispered my fear to him. He listened then, good young husband that he was, he got up to go check it out.

I lay there listening and realized from his footsteps that he had gone into the bathroom. Then I heard a drawer open. Knowing that he had removed the gun, I got really afraid and called out in a stage whisper, “Don’t load it!!!” There was a momentary pause. The bathroom light flicked on, and Mike loudly said, “Just come on in and shoot me.” In our separate rooms, we both cracked up laughing. Had there been a burglar, I’m sure he would have fled at that point rather than encounter the crazy people who lived there.

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