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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Visitor From Foreign Shores

Niece Shannon is back in the States visiting from Morocco where she has lived and worked for the past year and a half -- and where she met and married a loving and handsome fellow. (See the posted photo from the wedding celebration. Yes, you probably recognize her from our wedding. She was my maid of honor.) Lucky for me, she included a couple of days in Southaven on her itinerary.

Shan has been teaching elementary students at an American-style school in Agadir, a beach town that is very tourist-y. Shan says that the climate is much like Southern CA where she lived for a few years. Apparently, there’s some desire in Morocco for schools that offer U.S.-style education. She and a girlfriend accepted teaching jobs in Agadir at the beginning of ’06 and have now accepted positions for next term in the much-larger city of Casablanca. Gee, I hope she runs into Humphrey Bogart. Shan will be the assistant principal for discipline. The student population is multi-national and provides interesting challenges for the two Arkansas natives. Teaching American-style included putting up a Christmas tree and having the children draw snow pictures in a nation that’s mostly Muslim and totally desert. Next thing we know, those girls will be cooking up fried okra and hush puppies for the kiddies.

Interestingly, as part of their contracts, the school provides housing and housekeeping services as well as personal internet connections and annual round-trip tickets for a visit home. Excellent perks!

Hmmmm I have a niece who packed up and moved to an exotic country and another who leads European wilderness tours and climbs mountains. I think I led a sheltered life.

Check out Shannon’s blog for more adventures of a Southern girl in North Africa --
But give her about three weeks to get back to Agadir and un-jet lagged.

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shannon wess said...

We've already introduced brownies. Will work on more Southern Fare. I do so solemnly swear to update my blog soon.