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Monday, July 9, 2007

Little Rock Reunion

Mike and I had a great weekend reunion with my best friends from my seven years in Arkansas – Denise & Rae Ann – and their husbands Glen and Jimmy. Rae Ann and I were reporters together in Jonesboro where she and Denise were roommates. Denise was a reporter in LR, then went to law school there. I lived in LR for five years. The ladies were dating, then married their guys back in that era. Glen takes credit for teaching Alex how to ride a bike. Rae is now the big-time executive director of her town’s Chamber of Commerce, and Denise is Super-Attorney.

In addition to giggles, memory-sharing, catching up, and food – then more food – and, as I recall, there were some beverages involved, we spent a good bit of Saturday at the Clinton Library in downtown LR and on a driving tour. The Library is on the banks of the AR River and has great expanses of glass to supply impressive views. Neither Mike nor I had been to a Presidential Library so we were fascinated by the displays and exhibits. There may be land nearby for the library of the next President Clinton. (Oh, you know I couldn’t let that go by.)

Downtown LR has seen a lot of redevelopment and sports artsy areas with restaurants, galleries and clubs and some tall, sparkly buildings.

Gotta give credit to Mike, Glen and Jimmy who were extremely patient and sometimes amused by their wives' reunion-ing. Just had to dig out the above photo of Rae Ann, Denise and my son Alex taken back in the LR days.

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