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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Charlotte & Buddy in the Spotlight

What a wonderful weekend for our friends Charlotte and Buddy. Over the years, Buddy has been an ardent supporter and contributor to his alma mater, Auburn’s engineering school. Well, Buddy and Charlotte made The Really Big Gift, and Auburn reciprocated by honoring Buddy’s career in aerospace and the gift by naming the aerospace engineering building in his honor.

We were tickled to be among the friends and family invited to join them for an entire weekend of activities. Glinda, another Charlotte friend, flew into Memphis and drove down with us. There was a Friday night cocktail party, Saturday morning dedication ceremony and lunch, afternoon tours of Davis Hall and other campus sites, Saturday night black-tie dinner dance, and farewell brunch on Sunday morning. I got to meet Karen, the record-holder for long-term Charlotte friendship, and hope to see her and husband John again.

Buddy was rightfully proud of the building and many activities. Charlotte absolutely glowed with graciousness and beauty as she maneuvered her crew through the hectic weekend. The three Davis sons – Steve, Brian and Neil – were front and center as were beautiful wives Melissa (Steve) and Kelli (Brian). The four grandkids handled the busy schedule really well.

See the full story on Auburn’s website:

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