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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hollyville III

On Monday, we turned back to the southwest to head home, but first made a stop at Loretta Lynn's plantation home and museum. It was great fun. We'd seen a piece on Discovery Channel some time ago on haunted Southern homes, and the LL house had been included. The 14-room house was built in 1810 and miraculously survived the Civil War (the War of Northern Aggression). Unfortunately, the tour only takes guests through the main floor and the ghosts seem to hang out upstairs, so we had no spook sightings.

Something I found quite interesting was that virtually everywhere that there was an explanatory placard, it was an enlargement of a handwritten note from Loretta Lynn -- including her signature. Even the "please use other door for exiting" at Loretta's Kitchen restaurant was signed and in her handwriting. Every item in the gift boutique carried her signature as well. This is certainly a lady who knows the value of branding!

She's done a brilliant job with the complex. There's a performance venue so that someone just drives her down the road to perform, and there are cabins for rent and an RV camp ground so that the folks attending concerts can stay right on the property. And pay her instead of someone else. She's got it all covered . . . proving that she's a great businesswoman as well as performer!

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